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The special 20th edition of the RFC awaits this 24Nov-5Dec.

The 18th edition of the mother event RFC awaits… in Malaysia
Countdown to Nov 2015.
Participating countries confirming their presence since June 2013.

These are general guidelines only to assist you in your preparation. It’s important that you read and understand about the event as much as possible before you embark on your journey with us. Should you have specific queries, please contact us directly.

We’ll have a Non Racing category, called the RFC Explorer Class, limited to 20 adv teams only for our 20th edition. They will go tro’ a jungle expedition & regrouping with the main convoy @ designated campsites. “Having the best of both worlds really,” said Thomas, “being in the RFC & yet having a great time getting ourselves tro’ the expedition & adv style route only for us.” That’s right, they will work together as a whole team to get out of trouble come rain or shine & enjoy the pristine jungle campsites @ the end of the day. “We also get to rapport with the rest of the RFC participants (racers, media & officials) @ official functions & @ some campsites,” added Damiano, “Of course, the Explorers & their machines are mentally & mechanically upgraded & equipped for adventure, to take on “anything goes” in the jungle,” smiled “il diavolo.” Yes, Mother Nature Rules Supreme always, we know, only teamwork will ensure “a triumph of the human spirit” in the RFC.

JIM Project & Expo Logistics is the Official Freight Handler of RFC. They are specialists in exhibition logistics, event freight logistics & motorsports for over 25 years. JIM has handled all types of events from Private Demos to Defence Exhibitions to Drift Car races leading up to the mother event RFC! JIM with its worldwide network of own offices and agents & a dedicated team has the necessary experience/commitment to handle all requirements from your Country of Origin. Queries on your shipping/freight to RFC, please contact, or Mobile: 6012 -647 9011 (Kumar) 6012-942 3011 (David) at Wisma JIM, 23, Jln Apollo, U5/94 Bandar Pinggiran Subang, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. Tel: 603– 7846 1811, Fax: 60 3 7846 1944. Website:

For those joining the mother event RFC as competitor teams, support crew, officials, media members & touring adventurers, here’s introducing our associate partner: Explorer & Outdoor Centre, a one-stop center for all your camping needs in the event. They are also able to give advice on the why, which & what you should take into the jungle. Remember that everyone must bring their own camp-bed, sleeping bag, mess tins, cutlery, dry rations & anything to do with self-reliance in the jungle. For our overseas & outstation participants, you can place your orders first and then upon arrival in Kuala Lumpur, make payment & collect your items directly from them. Fully prepared to face the odds will go a long way to your enjoyment in the RFC. Please contact: copy to Tel: 60 3-6201 0551 (Explorer), 60-3-4251 2548 (outdoor Centre). Please inform them that you are coming for the RFC.

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Production Pickup 4x4 (2) Modified Pickup. (3) Wagon (standard & modified) Categories are open to emerging “Young Blood” & OEM vehicle manufacturers at the PROLOGUE SS days only (public days). Here are the Pickup Truck Class Supplementary Rules. This Class must abide by the previous Rules & Guidelines of RFC but Rules listed here override any conflicting similar Rules: (a) Body and Tray to be original. (b) Interior dash & trim to remain. (c) Original Chassis to be retained. (d) Original drive line and motor. (e) Suspension to use standard mounts and configuration. (f) All lights to be operational as fitted from factory. (g) Electric winch only. (h) 4 Point Internal Roll Cage in Single Cab or 6 Point Internal Roll Cage in Dual Cab. Roll Cage is to be constructed to recognized International Standards using both design & material for construction. Changes allowed:- (i) Extra alternator and batteries. (j) Winch bars & side rails. (k) Engine Management System. (l) Exhaust with muffler fitted. (m) Rear overhang of tray can be shortened up to rear most suspension point, tray to retain original shape and tailgate. (n) Larger wheel arches. (o) Any motor or drive line in manufactures range (Modified Class only). (p) Suspension & chassis modifications open (Modified Class only). (q) Modified interior trim (Modified Class only).

For those getting ready to take on this year’s adventure, please read this section carefully. Queries to:,

The RFC Global Series are our affiliated events around the world which uses the RFC race format for aficionados in 4x4, ATV & UTV – open to the extreme category & the novice class. Our series also promotes sports & adventure lifestyle tourism in the respective countries. Queries to:, &

RFC Australia, RFC Balkans, RFC China, RFC Ecuador, RFC India, RFC North India, RFC South India, RFC East Russia, RFC West Russia, RFC Russia Ural, RFC Russia Nord, RFC Korea, RFC Myanmar, RFC Sri Lanka, RFC Thailand, RFC North Europe, RFC South Europe, RFC Vietnam

Here’s a unique first edition of a photographic record book which comes with a DVD version shot and recorded during 2011. A must-have collection.
A unique collection for our aficionados. The 2011 photographic record book of RFC events held in Italy, China, Sri Lanka & in Malaysia. Four countries, different nationalities, culture and language but one passion in RFC. The book also comes with a DVD version. Priced at 19.90 euros for the book, 14.9 euros for the DVD or purchase both at 28 euros (excluding shipping). Online sales from A bigger vol book for 2013 is in the making which will include West Russia, Poland, Tunisia, Vietnam & Australia, making up to 8 nations under the RFC Global Series. Open for sponsorship/advertising/investor partner. Contact:,, Cell ph: 6012-211 7080. Office: 603 – 2163 5908/6908.

The RFC international media coverage reaches across 50 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, North & South America. Here are some collections.

The RFC has been dubbed by the foreign media as “the mother of all trophy raid events, extraordinary adventurers in an extraordinary event set in an extraordinary season- the monsoon.” On the home front, the various awards are:

A collection of memorable pix from the world media covering our mother event in Malaysia and RFC’s global series.